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Welcome to “The Beginners’ Guide to Surfing in El Salvador”  If you are ready to learn how to surf, then you’ll find here all the resources, tips, requirements and information needed to stand up on your first wave.

Surfing is an exciting sport. It has been an outdoor activity for centuries, but it only spread as a popular physical recreation in the early 20th century.

Surfing has many practical advantages: it is relatively affordable, it has a fast learning curve, it is a fantastic exercise for the whole body, and it can be enjoyed in any coastline.

You can become a surfer at any age. The sport of surfing is all about yourself, a surfboard, and the waves. It couldn’t be simpler. And you don’t need much time and effort to ride your first wave. That is what’s cool about surfing.

Getting ready can be important. That is why you should learn a few things before paddling out, with our without a surf instructor. With the right spirit, you can start surfing in less than 24 hours.

Just catch between 30 and 50 small waves or whitewater rollers, and you’ll be up and riding in no time. But before anything else, follow “The Beginners’ Guide to Surfing.” Trust us, it’s a roadmap to happiness.

1. Ask yourself: why do you want to learn how to surf?

2. Take a look at a few things you should know before becoming a surfer.

3. Surfing is an addiction. Do you know the reasons why you will surf for the rest of your life?

4. Get a beginner surfboard. It will be the wisest decision you’ll ever make in your surfing life.

5. Got the plank? Learn how to wax a surfboard. You will need grip and traction.

6. Are you planning on enrolling in a surf school? Know what to expect from surf lessons.

7. Learn how waves are formed.

8. Beginner surfers start in small ripples. And there’s nothing you should be ashamed of about that.

9. There are many hidden surfer-related diseases. Know them and protect yourself.

10. Surfing is a safe sport, but accidents can happen. Take a look at the most common injuries.

11. Now, you’re ready to hit the water. Remember that there is a Surfer’s Code with the “unwritten and unofficial” rules of surfing.

12. Before you start, read our beginner surf tips.

13. Promise yourself you will never touch the salted water without a five-minute warm-up.

14. Learn where to put your feet on the surfboard.

15. Duck diving is an essential technique for all surfers. Master it.

16. Whitewater waves are your best friends. Catch them, and learn from them.

17. Your session is over, and it is always good to know how to remove wax from your board.

18. Surfers tend to make the same mistakes over and over. Avoid them.

19. Surfing has its own dictionary. Do you know all surfing’s terms and expressions?

20. Your first surfing experience is over. Relax and discover EL SALVADOR  dates in the history of surfing.

EL SALVADOR is a good option for learn surf and enjoy the beautiful beach brake and point brake , Living  the experience on ths country , visiting: Active volcanos , mayan ruins , colonial town , Water Fall , ecotourism programs and making experience with new Eco-Adventures.


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